Affordable managed seo services

Affordable Managed SEO Services

When you need someone to manage your SEO while running your business, you need our Managed SEO services.

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When you need a specialist

Our managed SEO service improves your rankings and visibility on different search engines. Your target audience will have an easier time discovering your business. ​

We analyse your website, work out how it can maximise its potential to bring you new visitors and turn them into customers.

We define your user's intentions and ensure your website delivers what they are looking for. Click to view our Managed SEO options

Your SEO and Content Marketing Agency - Sorted

Our SEO services. What are they?

seo strategy

Each managed SEO services include the following:

- SEO Strategy Development
- Blog Post Creation
- Guest Post Creation and Management
- High Quality Backlink Development
- Reporting on results

Our SEO and content marketing strategies build traffic and improve rankings.

What's right for my business?

online business development

Select the amount of available monthly budget, and we will develop a tailor-made SEO strategy for your site. ​

The more budget you have, the faster we can increase your visitor numbers.​The Starter package is perfect for established websites who need to kick-start their online business.

Choose a package below, and we'll help you grow your business with our managed SEO services.

Managed SEO Packages

All managed SEO packages run for a minimum of three months, and include VAT

Managed SEO Starter

£1,800 per month

managed seo starter package

Our 'Managed SEO Starter' service is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with a limited budget. The monthly fee includes a fully managed SEO service to help customers get more traffic to their websites that transform into customers.

Click here to see what you get in the Starter package.

Managed SEO Bronze

£3,060 per month

managed seo bronze

Managed SEO Bronze £3,060 per month Our service 'Managed SEO Bronze' is ideal for medium-sized companies in highly competitive markets that want to improve their ranking quickly. And the Silver SEO service is ideal for customers whose websites have slipped from Google's first page for their keywords.

Click here to see what you get in the Bronze package.

Managed SEO Silver

£4,020 per month

managed seo silver package

Managed SEO Silver £4,020 per month Our service 'Managed SEO Silver' is ideal for medium-sized companies in highly competitive markets that want to improve their ranking quickly. And the Silver SEO service is ideal for customers whose websites have slipped from Google's first page for their keywords.

Click here to see what you get in the Silver package.

Managed SEO Gold

£5,040 per month

managed seo gold package

The "Managed SEO Gold" service is ideal for medium-sized companies in highly competitive markets, which typically have eCommerce websites. This is ideal if you need to improve your rankings in markets where you constantly need to outperform your online competitors.

Click here to see what you get in the Gold package.

What do you get in each Managed SEO package?

Blog Posts

Each Managed SEO package includes professionally-written blog content as part of the content marketing strategy. We research your niche and create content designed to help your audience and provide answers to their search queries in your market. 

We design the content to target 'searcher intent', so we know it targets people who need your solutions. Posts are between 1,000 and 2,000 words long, including an image. Some posts are longer, depending on the strategy we agree with you.

How many blog posts will you get a month?

1. In the Starter package, you'll get one blog post a month.
2. The Bronze package includes two blog posts per month.
3. Silver package customers get between three and four blog posts per month.
4. Gold package customers will have four to six posts per month.

Before we create your optimised blog posts, we provide a suggested headline, SEO description and target keyword for you to approve. 

When we've written the post, we'll share the draft with you to read. You'll get unlimited edits to each. 

Posts include internal links to relevant pages on your website, and outbound links to high-quality, relevant websites to help readers.


An essential part of our SEO strategies for clients is the number and quality of backlinks to their websites. Each backlink is a citation, or vote, on the authority, quality and usefulness of the content on your website. 

We help you increase the number of backlinks you have coming into your site by creating blogs which contain original, relevant content for your niche. 

The inbound links from these blogs sit on high quality platforms, like WordPress and Weebly. 

We, then, boost the backlinks to the blogs with their own citations, which make them more powerful for your website.

What's the benefit of the backlinks?

As your SEO and content marketing campaign proceeds, search engines notice the volume and quality of the backlinks to your website. The cumulative impact of consistently growing, high quality backlinks to your website is a powerful part of your campaign. You will notice the traffic to your website increases.

How many backlinks will you get?

1. In the Starter Managed SEO package, you will get around six backlinks using unique, varied anchor text from three blogs.
2. For the Bronze package, you can expect around 32 backlinks from four blogs to boost your SEO.
3. In the Silver SEO package, you will benefit from 48 backlinks from eight blogs. 
4. For Gold Managed SEO packages, you get the same volume of backlinks and blogs as the Silver package, but with our top writers creating the content.

Guest Posts

An important part of your SEO and content marketing campaign are 'guest posts'. These are posts we write for blogs in your niche which already have authority and rank on search engines. 

Their value is in the power of the backlink you get from the blog. We write and supply guest posts to the blog owner. Each guest contains a backlink to a page we select on your site which fits with your strategy. 

We pick the blogs for your campaign using one of two factors:

1. Website traffic
2. Domain authority, ranging from 10+ to 50+. 

Depending on the Managed SEO package you choose and the strategy we create, we'll pick blogs with domain authorities from 10+. The bigger budget, the higher the domain authority we can use to provide a guest post.

The same goes for websites with high traffic levels. We'll pick the strongest blog we can to provide a guest post for you, depending on your package level. 

We write each optimised blog post with a word count from 500 words to 2,000. Each guest post includes your backlink using natural anchor text.

How many guest posts will you get in your Managed SEO package?

We try to use a set number of guest posts within your package. But, we sometimes vary the number and strength of the blogs we approach. That's because your campaign strategy is unique to your niche, so we like to have flexibility. 

Yet, this is a guide to the number of guest posts you can expect:

1. Starter packages include one guest on a blog with a domain authority of 10+. The post will be around 500 words long. 
2. Bronze Managed SEO packages include one or two guest posts with domain authorities of between 20+ and 30+ (this varies, as mentioned above).
3. Silver Managed SEO packages include two to four guest posts on blogs with domain authorities of 30+ and 50+. The word count varies from 1,000 to 500 words.
4. Gold services include three to five guests posts on blogs with domain authorities between 30+ and 50+ with word counts up to 2,000.


Social media plays its part in your Managed SEO campaign. We produce content for you, which is important to share with social media influencers. 

When the influencers share it, the shares provide signals to search engines that your content is worth reading. 

It's also more likely that the shares of social media influencers will lead to a backlink or a bookmark (a direct link) to your content. 

That's why share your content. It gives your web page a traffic boost, and the possibility of getting more backlinks. 

How many shares and clicks will you get?

The number of shares and clicks you get for each post will vary. Some posts we share get 40 to 50 shares and 10 clicks, for example. Other posts we share get hundreds of shares and clicks to the posts. 

But, all the posts we share with social media influencers are shared by them.

This work is all part of our Managed SEO packages.


From the outset, we spend a lot of time researching your niche, analysing your website, studying your competitors and learning about your ideal clients. Without doing that work, our Managed SEO campaigns wouldn't work as well. 

The time spent understanding your objectives and doing research makes it easier to create bespoke, effective SEO and content marketing campaigns.

We'll share our findings with you and get your agreement before we put your strategy into place. 

Like all good plans, your objectives feed our strategy, and our strategy feeds the tactics we use to deliver on your goals. 

Our tactics include the content we write, the guests posts we create and the backlinks we develop.

On-Page SEO

No website is perfect. And, no website is ever finished. 

That's why we spend time analysing your website to find what we can improve to make it work harder for your business. 

We'll make pages load faster, where we can, by compressing images and recommending changes to the code if we find items which slow them down. 

We'll map your pages to strategic keywords and rewrite content to make it easier for search engines to understand what they're about. That includes mapping your content to searcher intent, so you get the right visitors to your website.

This work is all part of your Managed SEO package, whether you need local, national or international SEO and content marketing.