Basic SEO FAQs

Got SEO questions to ask, but not sure where to find answers? Clients ask us questions all the time. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Some questions are specific to our SEO services. Other questions are general SEO questions. We'll keep adding to this page as we answer more questions.

A keyword is a word or phrase people use in a search engine to find websites or web pages which answer their question, or provide the information they need.

Yes, they can. A keyword can a be a series of words, such as a question or phrase. Sometimes, people call them 'keyphrases'. 

You may also hear the term 'long tail keyword'. This is a phrase which is more specific than single word 'keywords'. To illustrate the difference between a keyword and a 'long tail keyword', here is an example:

- 'Horses' is a keyword. It is a general word contained in many sentences.
- However, a 'long tail keyword' version is 'can horses breath through their mouths?'

Long tail keywords are precise, or exact, keywords, which tend to be used less often on search engines, but which can provide exact results when people search for them. Long tail keywords can be easier to rank for, but it is not always the case.

Yes, you can. You can search for keywords using search engines. Google is helpful with providing alternative keywords. When you type in a word (or, a keyword) into the search engine, it will provide ideas of related keywords, or keyphrases.

When you type in the word 'insurance' into Google, for example, you'll see suggestions related to what you typed.

You can use special software to help you search for keywords too. It's essential to use software like this if you need to search for keywords to market your website effectively online. 

You use keywords in any page, article or blog posts on the web. Using keywords correctly on a web page is important to help search engines find what they think is the best page for the keyword people used.

The term keyword confuses people who are not 'search engine optimisation' specialists. But, 'keyword' is just jargon for a specific word or phrase relevant to a topic.

Agencies like us learn to write blog posts, pages or articles which carefully use keywords, so that search engines can find the page we've written. And, we write the pages so people find exactly what they searched for on Google or Bing.

Search engines are increasingly sophisticated, and are better at understanding the semantics of what we type or say. We spend a long time understanding exactly what people look for online, so-called 'searcher intent'. We use this knowledge to create content which helps answer these queries. 

When you type a word or question into a search engine like Google or Bing, the search engine tries to match the word or phrase you used with what it thinks is the best match for what you're searching. The longer the keyword you use, the easier it is for the search engine to give you precise results.

Search engines use algorithms (sets of rules) to find the best results for you. And, search engines are increasingly sophisticated in understanding the meaning of the search term you've used with them. In short, they provide better, more relevant results than in previous, so the results are more helpful to you.

'Backlinks' are links from other websites to a page on another website. They are an important indicator into expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthy of a website. Think of them as 'recommendations' from other websites. The more recommendations, or backlinks, there are to a page the more search engines will notice and rank the page higher in the results.

You need need backlinks for SEO (search engine optimisation). But, not all backlinks are equal. The links to a site need to be from relevant, high quality websites to be counted. Links from spammy websites to your website, for example, are unhelpful at best, and damaging at worst.

It takes time to develop backlinks to your website. But, they are one of the most important elements in successful SEO. We help our clients develop backlinks to their sites. Take a look at this page to learn about our service.

Guest Posting FAQs

Do you want to understand more about guests posts and why they are so useful for developing your SEO? Read on!

​Guest posting, or blogger outreach, is when SEO companies like Digital Business contact relevant, high quality websites in your niche.

Through the relationships we develop, we secure opportunities to write articles for each blogger’s website and post them. Within each post, we include a natural link to your website.

Bloggers, or publishers, benefit from guest posts because they get great content for their website. The content increases the visitors they get. You win because you gain a high quality link to your website (which search engines notice). Visit our guest posting section in our shop here.

​Choose any keywords you want (but make sure they’re relevant to your brand or business, of course). We might change the anchor text (the highlighted text which contains the link to your website), so it fits naturally into the post. We won’t accept grey niches, either.

​It’s best to use anchor text which naturally fits into the post. And, it needs to be grammatically correct in the sentence. We mostly change any geographical anchor texts, and we don’t accept some anchor text types from grey niches.

​Yes. We guarantee we will get you a link within the scope of your package. And, your link will stay live. Any links which go down (and which we don’t spot), please let us know, so we can replace it.

We normally turn your order round and have the guest posts placed within 30 days. Often, it’s less than 30 days. We do the work manually, so it can take a long time to complete.

​With our guest post product, we don’t allow content approval. All posts we write are non-promotional, so you don’t have to worry that we’ll be misrepresenting your brand.

Also, we rigorously check the article to ensure its high quality. We’ve years of editorial experience, so this is second nature to us to get it right.​

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