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Are you struggling to create content that ranks in search engines? Our free Blog Post Analysis tool is your key to unlocking digital marketing success.

How It Works

We made a special AI blog analysis tool using Writer. We used the same prompts we use for creating content for our clients. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your target keyword
  2. Enter the outlines of the top five blog posts for your primary keyword.
  3. Get instant analysis of the top five Google results
  4. Uncover winning content structures and topics to boost your click-through rate

To scrape the outlines from the top five or six blog posts, use the Detailed SEO Extension for Google Chrome. It’s free and makes the job easy.

For ease, you might want to use our ‘Article Research Template‘ to paste the outlines for each post into one place before you use our blog post analysis tool below.

Google DocThe link opens up a Google Doc. Go to ‘File’, then click ‘Make a copy’ from the drop-down menu.



Why Use Our Tool?

  • Save Time: No more manual keyword research. Get comprehensive insights in seconds.
  • Boost SEO: Understand what search engines value for your chosen keywords.
  • Enhance Content Quality: Learn from top-performing blog posts to create even better content.
  • Stay Ahead: Keep up with ever-changing digital marketing trends effortlessly.
  • Optimise Conversion Rate: Discover what makes high-performing content convert.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • Common themes across top-ranking posts
  • Frequently used subheadings and topics
  • Insights to improve the quality of your content and number of page views
  • Topical gaps
  • Blog post title ideas
  • Searcher Intent

Ready to Transform Your Content?

Start analysing top-performing blog posts now and take your content to the next level!

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Integrate with Your Favourite Marketing Channels and Analytics Tools

Make best use of our Blog Post Analysis Tool for your content marketing research using the following tools:

 When you’ve created your blog posts using our tools, share the posts on popular social media platforms. And then analyse which platforms get the most engagement with your content.

Get a comprehensive view of your blog’s performance across all marketing channels!

Blog Post Analysis Tool FAQs

  1. Is this really free? Yes, our basic blog post analysis tool is completely free to use.
  2. How accurate is the analysis? Our tool gives you the most recent and correct information by using data straight from the top five search engine results for the keyword you enter.
  3. Can I use this for any niche? Absolutely! Our tool works for any keyword in any industry, helping you create content that drives traffic regardless of your market.
  4. How does this complement my existing marketing strategy? Our tool makes your current efforts better. It gives you information based on data. This information can help you: – Improve your blog content – Get your website higher in search results – Do better in digital marketing overall
  5. Can this help improve my conversion rate? Yes! By analysing top-performing posts, you’ll gain insights into what engages readers and drives conversions, allowing you to optimise your content accordingly.

Get started today and watch your blog content soar to the top of search engine results!